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Swimming pool registration

New NSW Government legislation states that swimming pool owners must register their swimming pools by 29 October 2013. Council will be the authority ensuring that pools are registered. There are two ways to register:

Register online

You can register your pool online at the NSW Swimming Pool Register website.

Lodge a registration form

If you unable to register your pool yourself you can attend Council's customer service centre at the corner of Vulcan and Campbell streets, Moruya and Council staff will assist you in registering your pool.

You will need to fill in the swimming pool registration form (80kb) prior to your pool being registered.

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Pool inspections

In addition to the pool registrations, the new legislation also requires Council to adopt a swimming pool inspection program by no later than 29 October 2013.

General requirements and safety

All pool owners are responsible for safety in and around their pool. Unfortunately, too many children drown or suffer severe consequences of near drownings in backyard pools.

Simple key actions can prevent a child drowning:

  • always supervise children.
  • restrict their access to the pool
  • educate them in water awareness
  • ensure someone has resuscitation and first aid skills.

Importance of supervision, pool barrier maintenance and CPR

It is important to remember that while fencing may assist in reducing drownings in backyard pools, the most effective way to prevent drownings is for children to be adequately supervised by a parent or other responsible adult.

It is essential that children are taught to swim from an early age. Training in resuscitation techniques will give adults the skills required in an emergency situation.

The Royal Life Saving Society of NSW and Surf Life Saving NSW conduct CPR courses. All supervising adults are encouraged to undertake CPR training.

Access to further information

The Department of Local Government's website at has information and resources under the topic 'Backyard Swimming Pools' which includes:

  • swimming pool laws brochure
  • home swimming pool safety checklist
  • Royal Life Saving Society Australia's home pool safety webpage at, which includes a checklist, fact sheets and other resources relevant to private swimming pools.