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Residential Land Strategy

In October 2013, we commenced a project to develop policy directions for the future management of residential land in the Eurobodalla.  This will be achieved through the development of a Residential Land Strategy.

The strategy will set out how we will work towards more sustainable and affordable housing supply and how we can provide a range of housing types to meet the diverse needs of our community.

The development of the strategy is a key project in the adopted Operational Plan 2013-14.  The process so far has been:

  1. Research - Residential Lands Study
  2. Residential lands report
  3. Development of a draft strategy

Stage 1 - Research - Residential lands study

We engaged independent consultants, Strategic Economic Services Ply Ltd (SES) to conduct a study of current and future housing needs in Eurobodalla.  The consultants went out into the community and spoke with stakeholders in the housing and development sector to gain an insight in the market.

The study produced an issues paper which identified housing needs, supply and market issues and trends influencing the provision of appropriate and affordable housing.  This was accompanied by an analysis of the extent to which current housing supply is meeting the needs of the various residential sub-markets in Eurobodalla.

Download the Issues Paper

Stage 2 - Residential lands report

The study was followed by a report with recommendations to meet our future housing needs.  These recommendations will inform the development of the Residential Land Strategy.  The Meeting Eurobodalla's Housing Needs Report makes recommendations on options to:

  • stimulate residential development in Eurobodalla;
  • influence the supply of appropriate housing to meet local submarket needs;
  • influence the housing preferences of the various local submarkets;
  • influence the affordability of housing; and
  • influence the design of housing to ensure it is adaptable to meet the different needs of the various local sub-markets.

Download the Housing Needs Report

Stage 3 - Drafting a strategy

Drafting of a strategy has commenced.  The issues paper and the report will be used as reference documents.

Stage 4 - Community consultation

The draft strategy will be placed on exhibition later this year so that you can provide feedback.

More information

For questions about the Residential Land Strategy process or to register to receive information about community engagement activities, please email or call Council between 8:30am and 4:30pm on 4474 1000.