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Culture and Heritage

Heritage consists of those places, objects and stories that we as a community have inherited from the past and want to hand on to future generations.

Our heritage both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal gives us a sense of living history and provides a link to the work and way of life of earlier generations. It enriches our lives and helps us to understand who we are today.

The heritage of the Eurobodalla is diverse and includes buildings, objects, stories, graves, monuments, places, landscapes, archaeological sites, shipwrecks, relics, bridges, streets, and conservation areas.

Strategies and plans

The Eurobodalla Heritage Strategy and Aboriginal Action Plan guide Council and the community in the recognising and preserving our cultural heritage.

Culture and Heritage Studies

Heritage studies help to recognise and record items, places and histories that make up our cultural heritage.

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees work with us to ensure that our community and heritage work is aligned with the needs and desires of the wider community.

Heritage Advisory Service

If your property is heritage listed or is in a heritage conservation area, you may like to take advantage of our free Heritage Advisory Service.

Heritage items and places

Heritage items and places are recorded in databases on the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Grant programs

Annual grant programs are available for the preservation and celebration of our cultural heritage.

Current projects

Get to know what's going on right now

Conservation Management Plans

These plans outline the conservation management of specific places


Heritage information and contacts